About The Aetherblade Armada

The Aetherblade Armada is a Guild Wars 2, Asura-only guild found on the North American Servers, started on May 7th, 2018. In less than 2 short weeks we grew to over 100 active members, and less than a few months later, hundreds more followed. Before long, the Aetherblade Armada had reached 500, and then 1000 members strong and only continues to progress.

The objective of the Aetherblade Armada is simple. Conquer the world by FORCE and have fun doing it. Through This page you will be able to keep track of major guild events, get in touch with the Aetherblade Armada Discord community, connect with us, and even join all 4 of our Aetherblade Armada guilds if you would like! Joining the Aetherblade Armada will give you lots of others to connect and play with, fun events to join, and even weekly chances to win lots of gold through our automated lottery system. So feel free to check us out and we hope you will join us today.

We will never stop growing. We will never stop overtaking. We are the one and only Aetherblade Armada!

Aetherblade Armada

I’m part of the Aetherblade Armada because they took over my neighborhood one night! But as a bonus, there are many free things from all the looting we do now.

Armada Swashbuckler

The Aetherblade Armada… is very fun and offers many…. unique opportunities to hone your skills! Now I know how to /threaten bookahs like it’s nothing

Armada Grenadier

When I first joined the Aetherblade Armada, I was pretty bummed because I get motion sick pretty easily. But the pay isn’t that bad and I got over my motion sickness pretty quick after they threatened to throw me overboard

Armada Taskmaster

I became part of the Aetherblade Armada after they stole me from my krewe! Even though it took some… adjusting… I don’t regret it one bit! The possibilities for knowledge retrieval are endless! Like the Inquest of the sky- sorry, I didn’t mean to compare us to the Inquest- NO-

Armada Thug

Armada Partners

Musician's Guild of Tyria - MGT
United Arts of Tyria - UAoT
Lion's Plaza

Armada Events

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2022 November

Armada Leaders

Mai Trin


First Mate

Chief Navigator

Chief Munitions Officer


Aetherblade Hologram







I’m not a bookah

I’m not a bookah

I’m not a bookah

Ready to join the TINY Army? Great! We currently run four guilds, Pewpew’s, Plorrt’s, Taimi’s, and Samayou’s TINY Army. No matter which guild you choose to join, we operate by the same rules, have the same officers, and participate in the same events. However, each of the guilds has its own unique Guild Hall for a slightly different experience, and to help you choose. Even if you are a member of one guild, you may use this form to join any of the others if you wish. Please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be processed.

Lost Precipice: Heart of Thorns

Gilded Hollow: Heart of Thorns

Windswept Haven: Path of Fire

Isle of Reflection: End of Dragons

*NOTE: This application is NOT for the website. It is to join the in-game guilds. Attempting to use this form to create a website profile will not work.*