Not a member of all 3 TINY Army guilds? Do you want to join in the hype and conversation but don’t have enough empty guild slots? Well, guild to guild communication just got better!


TACS, or TINY Alliance Chat Service, is a fully ToS legal 3rd Party chat system designed to bring all 4 TINY Army guilds together inside the game. Designed with a mega, multi-slot guild in mind, TACS allows guild members to reach out to everybody within the TINY Army, regardless of which of the 4 guilds they are in. This can be done by launching TACS after you have loaded up a character in-game. As it grows, TACS will become more than a guild to guild chat service, but a way to connect with TINY as a whole.


TINY Alliance Chat Service
TINY Alliance Chat Service

The TINY Alliance Chat Service is a 3rd Party stand-alone/overlay application for Guild Wars 2, specifically for those who are members of The TINY Army Guilds. With this tool, you will be able to get in touch with TINY members of all 4 guilds in a private alliance chat window. This application is “ToS legal” and will NOT get you banned from the game.

Size: 1.36 MB
Version: v1.0.3.0


  1. Download the compressed folder (.zip)
  2. Extract the contents of the compressed folder to any location on your computer
  3. Launch “Tiny Chat.exe”
  4. Create an API key for your GW2 account here: https://account.arena.net/applications (must include account, characters, guilds).
  5. Copy the new API key into the chat box API window and the chat box will appear.

If the chat window does not appear, change your game display mode to “windowed full-screen”


  • If you close the chat window by mistake, you can re-open it from your task bar.
  • You can minimize the command window at any time.
  • The chat window can be moved anywhere on screen and will remember it’s position the next time it is open.
  • use Right Shift+Enter to activate chat with out using your mouse
  • Enjoy Chatting with guild members from all 4 guilds!


Multi-Guild Chat
Users can chat with members of other TINY Guilds without even needing to be in them.

TINY Tracker
Use your browser to track down TINY members using TACS anywhere in Tyria.
Click Here for map!

Active Emotes
Users of TACS have access to emotes just like the default chat box. Simply type “/help” to learn more!


Why can’t I see the chat window?
Make sure you are running the game in “windowed full-screen” mode. Alternatively, try running TACS as administrator.

Can TACS be run on a Mac or Linux?
For the time being, TACS can only be run on Windows. There are no plans for future Mac support as the game is no longer supported on Apple computers. As for Linux, we do not natively support Linux, but if you can get it to run, please let us know.

TACS appears to be running, but why is my chat not working?
Check to make sure you have downloaded the latest version of TACS. Alternatively, the TACS chat server may be down for maintenance.

Do I HAVE to use a GW2 API Key to run TACS?
YES! TACS security uses your API Key to check to see if you are member of the guild.