The way of the TINY

Don’t want to end up in my office? Then listen up. Now that you are a part of the TINY Army we have a few simple rules to follow, nothing too difficult.
So easy, Councillor Phlunt couldn’t mess them up.

1. Be Nice to Everyone

As a member of the TINY Army, you are in a venerable and prestigious group of fun-loving (yet adorable) geniuses. We are here to have fun, and we welcome your creativity, silliness, and unique personalities. We feel the best way to do this is through one rule that defines the TINY Way: Be nice to everyone!

TINYs do not tolerate any racism, bullying, insults, or elitist behaviour toward any player (even bookahs!) in any public guild space.

2. Keep Religion, Sexuality, and Politics Out of Chat

The TINY Army is family friendly, and children could be watching the chat at any time. So please, keep it clean and family-friendly (E10+ Rating).

In our guild chat, Discord, Facebook, guild events, or even just when repping TINY in public, we ask that you not discuss religion, sexuality, politics, or use vulgar language. Those topics belong in private chat. Some of those topics can at times be a grey area, if you are unsure, err on the side of caution. We also do not allow Panhandling in our chats, if you want an item or gold, ask for help earning it.

Your presence in the guild, in-game and elsewhere, is acceptance of the rules as stated above.

3. Only Rep [TINY] on an Asura

Made by Asura, for Asura, the TINY Army is a 0% rep requirement guild, meaning that you do not have to represent the guild if you do not wish. At Some guild-exclusive events, we do require that members wear their [TINY] tag to take part in our shenanigans.

Only the Tiniest players can rep in our Asura guild! So please, if you do want to rep the TINY Army, only do so on an Asura character. There are, however, specific conditions under which you may rep on a non-Asura character.

Exceptional Conditions:

  • Guild missions (may change in the future)
  • While inside the Guild Hall
  • Quick guild bank deposit session 🙂

4. What if I see a TINY breaking the rules?

If you see a fellow TINY breaking the code of conduct, please do not involve anyone outside of the officers of the guild. We ask you please take screenshots and submit them to any officer through Discord. We will not accept hearsay; we must have screenshots so we have the full context. If the problem occurs within a Voice Channel in Discord, do not record the audio. Instead, please submit a rough transcript to us verified by at least two other witnesses.

5. What if I break a rule? What will happen to ME?!

We are not here to cause drama. We realize if anyone breaks a rule, most likely it was done unintentionally. In most cases, we will issue a warning through an in-game mail to your account, or a quick chat in Discord. That’s it. If we determine the problem is on-going, we will remove you from the TINY guild, though it pains us in our TINY little Asura hearts. In the case of a severe infraction (i.e. harassment or illegal activity), we reserve the right to immediately remove you from the guild with no warning what-so-ever. Not sayin’ we will. Just sayin’ we can.

Keep up the good work, and remember: we care

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Monthly Login Requirements/Alt Accounts:

Because we have so many people that want to be a part of TINY, we ask that you log in at least once per month so that we know you are still active. If for any reason you think you may not be able to log in for a while, please let an officer know so that we can put you in vacation mode, thereby protecting you from the dreaded “TINY Purge”. If you are purged, do not fear. Just fill out the form on the main page and you will be re-invited to the guild. However, your original rank will not be reinstated and you will have to start over (This also applies for anybody on vacation mode, with the exception of ranks one was voted into — Specialist, Officer, Etc).

Notice: Vacation mode (aka Sleeper) does not last forever. Once approaching or upon reaching a period of 2 (two) years offline, your sleeper rank will be dissolved and your account removed from the TINY guilds. TINY Leadership reserves the right to make any changes necessary to ranks and memberships in order to improve or preserve the integrity of the guild.

Common Sense Points
(Things we should already know)

  • If you are offended by something someone says, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are intending to upset/harm you. Try to discuss the misunderstanding with them privately first before reporting to an officer.
  • If someone asks you to stop doing something that’s annoying, please try to see it from their point of view, and be nice.
  • Gw2 is a game, real life qualms don’t have to exist there. Please avoid bringing drama into the guild, we are not therapists.