About TINY

The TINY Army is a Guild Wars 2, Asura-only guild found on the North American Servers, started on May 7th, 2018 by leaders Pewpew Kapew, Tiny Taimi, and Samayou. In less than 2 short weeks we grew to over 100 active members, and less than a few months later, hundreds more followed. Before long, the TINY Army had reached 500 members strong and continues to progress. We will never stop growing. We will never stop waddling. We are the one and only TINY Army!

A Tiny Intro

We do random things like jump in place (for science), dance, and even take over cities with our tininess. There is a tiny in all of us and we want YOU to be a part of it.

2020 Promo

Going into the year 2020, The TINY Army is still growing and as strong as it’s ever been. We have established ourselves as “THE” Asura guild!

TINY Partners

Musician's Guild of Tyria - MGT
Lion's Plaza


I’m Tiny because it’s FUN! This is the place I go to knock off and relax. As a bonus, there are many Tinies more experienced at the game than I am who have been very helpful in helping me learn new things, and there’s almost always enough online to form a pick-up group to go after whatever you might need to accomplish.

Asuna, TINY Specialist

I joined because I finally made an Asura (loving it), and TINY folks always seem to be having a good time and enjoying each other’s company when I pass through Divinity’s Reach.

Ennara, TINY Member

I am Tiny because it’s a very friendly, helpful, and joyful place to be around. It’s nice and relaxing especially compared to end-game ESO; GW2 is a nice change and I  have made some great friends here 🙂 (plus asura has always been my favourite race)

Dusk, TINY Member

The [TINY] guild always showed the fun, joy and connection with each other and the game itself, even from my very first time seeing a TINY member before eventually becoming a part of the TINY!

n1nj44r, TINY Specialist

I’ve been playing GW2 since the day it launched and I have to say, I never met such a wonderful community as the one I found in this guild.

Sheammi, TINY member

Since joining and hanging out in the game more I have met some really special people who are good friends and even family to me now.

Zuo Sul, TINY member

TINY Events

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TINY Leaders

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Ready to join the TINY Army? Great! We currently run three guilds, Pewpew’s TINY Army, Taimi’s TINY Army, and Samayou’s TINY Army. No matter which guild you join, we operate by the same rules, have the same officers, and participate in the same events. Please do not fill out this form if you have already been invited into the guild. Please allow up to 3 days for your request to be processed (NOTE: This application is NOT for the website. It is to join the in-game guilds).

Pewpew’s TINY Army: Usually full; May have a waiting list, if you want to join this guild, There may be an extra wait. Members active up to one month.

Taimi’s TINY Army: Taking applications, no waiting list. Members active up to one month.

Samayou’s TINY Army: Taking applications, no waiting list. Members active up to two months.

*Please do not fill out this form if you are already a member of the TINY Guilds.*