Asura Death Race 2.5

It’s that time…time to run…time to die…again and again.
Coming Sunday September 1st, 2019, we run our third Asura Death Race! This time it is more intense and the prizes are bigger.
Do you have what it takes to finish in the top three?

1st place

Going For Speeeeed

2nd place

Cindy Is Speed

3rd place



  • Must be Asura Elementalist or Mesmer (to level the playing field)
  • Must represent the guild
  • No teleport to friends or revive orbs (only use found waypoints)
  • No mounts until told to do so during race via Discord
  • Must be on Discord Voice (to listen to directions)


1st Place

  • Your choice of 1st Gen Precursor Weapon (excluding: Dusk, Dawn, and The Legend)
  • 5x Black Lion Keys
  • 5x Transmutation Charges
  • 75 Gold

2nd Place

  • Guild Hall Iron Ore Node
  • 5x Black Lion Keys
  • 5x Transmutation Charges
  • 25 Gold

3rd Place

  • Weapon Skin from GBank Second Tab
  • 1x Black Lion Key
  • 5x Transmutation Charges
  • 10 Gold

What is a Death Race?

The Asura Death Race is a one of a kind race, designed for Asura, by Asura. It will test your limits and sanity as you run across Tyria unarmed and unclothed, facing enemies that will sniff you out from a mile away. Without the aid of maps or mounts on a level 2 Asura, and only having access to the waypoints you find along the way, this is by far the most complicated race in the game.

1. Create a brand new Asura Elementalist or Mesmer (level 2) and represent the guild
2. Be completely naked (no armor or weapons)
3. Race from one point of the world to another to win prizes!

Guild officers will not qualify for 1st place in this race. In the event that an officer does come in first place, they will automatically be given 2nd place, with the next person to complete the race receiving 1st. If the following person reach the finish is also an officer, they will be given 3rd place and so on.