Welcome Specialists

Hello and welcome to all TINY Specialists. This page is official documentation on what it means to be specialist, with details and rules about specific aspects, that if ever questioned, may be referenced from here for answers. Please read thoroughly through each section to better understand the rank and over-all, your position within the guild.

Last Updated: February 1st, 2022

First Line of Defense

As it stands, Officers, Generals, and Leaders do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with bad eggs and rule breakers within TINY. Though we handle them as best we can, there is always a time when certain members slip by us because we are busy or not online, and that’s where you step in. As a specialist, you have first say in letting the member in question know of our rules and that they may be breaking them.

The Approach
Talk politely to the rule breaker(s) and let them know calmly that their actions go against the TINY rules and further continuation of said actions can and will result in their removal from the guild. If they comply, record that data with screenshots and let an officer know so that we know they have received a verbal warning. If they don’t comply, find an officer on discord immediately and we will be online to swiftly deal with the situation.

Record Everything
As with any situation, Officers, Generals, and Leaders record everything that happens with any situation through screenshots. We use this as hard evidence in any case or situation that may occur. Hold onto them and send them privately to an officer.

Helping Lower Ranks
If there are lower rank members having issues with other members, feel free to help them do the same, by letting them know to record the issue with screenshots and to get them to an Officer or above for review.

Becoming an Officer

As TINY progresses, we are always on the lookout for potential officers as from time to time, our officers move on with their lives, or we need more to help deal with a larger influx of new members. In the case that you would like to fill that position in the future, you most possess the following qualities. We will also let Specialists know when we are looking for new officers and when to nominate yourself.

You must use discord on the regular and know its ins and outs. We use it for constant communication and recording of player issues. On top of that, you must be able to use voice to communicate from time to time.

To qualify as an officer, you must also be able open up your availability, especially on Saturdays for Officer meetings.

Writing Capabilities
Writing capability is a must because we do a lot of written reports and we all read them.

Creating Events

Leading events is the core role for Specialists. The events calendar on the main page displays all events listed, but it is up to the event leader to remind members of their events via Discord Events or in-game guild chat.

Event Requirements
When you run an event, it is important to remember that it must fill a One Hour time slot and NOT overlap another event and cannot take place on Sundays. Sundays are now reserved for large scale unique events and meetings.

Creating an Event for 5 or Less
If you have a recurring event that can only accept up to 5 players, or is only a one time event, you will have access to post your event on Discord in the “Event Schedule” at the very top of the channels list.

Creating an Event for more than 5
To make a new event that is intended for more than 5 individuals and is recurring (multiple weeks or months), it should be placed on the calendar. Please use https://tinyarmy.org/addevent/ to put a pending event on the calendar and inform an officer that you have done so. Please allow some time for a guild leader to review and accept your event before it shows up on the calendar. The password for this page will provided in the #Specialist-Lounge pins in Discord.

Posting Events to Discord
All specialists may use the @everybody ping in the #Events channel in Discord One time prior to the event starting each week.

Decorator Permissions

Due to the need of more guild ranks, we decided to remove the decorator role and provide it as privilege to all of our Specialists in The TINY Army. For the time being, Specialists will be able to access the decorator tabs in Plorrt’s or Sam’s Guild Halls. Here is a simple list of notes and rules to follow for decorating:

  • General Booboo is in charge of all decorator and scribe related things.
  • NEVER delete an item that you DID NOT place in the guild hall.
  • Ask permission from Booboo before scribing destroys decorations.
  • Ask permission from Booboo before you start decorating.
  • If Booboo is not available, write him a message in discord and he will get back to you with an answer.
  • Buy or craft your own decorations to be placed (do not steal from others).

If we can all play nice and follow those guidelines, we will keep and expand the decorator privileges.

Recruiting New Members

Bringing new recruits into the guild has definitely evolved over time and even though only TINY Leadership can actually invite to the guilds, all members are welcome to recruit via the guild website.

The Approach:
Everybody’s approach to a new member may be different. Some like to roleplay a little bit, and others like to just be straight forward with a simple “Hey, do you want to be a part of TINY?” No matter the case, finding a good approach for non-members that shows we are fun and friendly is very important, as it defines who we are as people and as a guild.

Website Recruiting:
We no longer send invites via directly in game upon request, and that’s where our website comes in handy. If you find that they would like to join, simply send them to https://tinyarmy.org (New recruit page coming soon) and have them fill out the JOIN TINY form. This will give them time to decide when they would like to join the guild and also which guilds they would like to be a part of. It also shows record that the new recruits have acknowledged and accepted our rules before joining. Recruiting through the website used to require a few days for us to bring new members in, but now only takes up to a couple of hours.

Referring New Recruits to The Site:
Don’t forget to have your new recruits add your account name to the “Referred by” section of the website form. We currently don’t have the rewards tool working, but after we fix it in the future, there will be good rewards for those who are actively recruiting.