Hello and welcome to all TINY Leadership (Officers, Generals, Founders). If you are on this page, then you are either new to TINY leadership, or you are getting the latest updates on how we do things. Whichever the case, the information you find on this page should help you progress as a leader both in and out of the guild. Here we will cover important topics such as what it means to be in TINY leadership, your current capabilities within the guild, and even how to handle situations within the guild as they come up. Please bookmark this page as the information may change over time.

Updated: January 11th, 2022

Being a Leader

In TINY, the most important thing to remember about being in leadership is that we are not just in our position because we have been around longer than the others. You have been given your current rank based on your ability to be a team player, handle situations in a professional manner, and even because you have your own style, bringing versatility to the team as a whole. This means that if you possess a skill we like, we may ask that you use that skill for the better of the guild (of course you will never be pressured or forced to do anything).

Being a Team Player:
You are not just in this guild to be one of the numbers. You want to be here because you want to make a difference and work with others to help make the guild a better place for everyone. Being promoted into TINY Leadership, a team player is the first most important trait we look for in all candidates. This guild was created with a vision, and the only way to make that vision a reality is with the teamwork of like-minded individuals. We may have different styles, but our end-game is much the same, and we have chosen you because of this reason.

Being Professional:
Another reason you are in your current position is because of your ability to be professional. Being professional doesn’t always mean taking the fun out of things and adding contrast to any situation. In TINY being profession means that you are quick to think on the fly and use your best judgement to find a solution. This also goes back to being a team player of course. We work together in a professional (though sometimes goofy) environment to figure out the right course of action, and your input is always more valuable than you know.

Having Your Own Style:
On top of the other two points, another reason you may have been offered a position in TINY Leadership is because of who you are as an individual. We feel that having a cookie-cutter team is no fun and doesn’t give us room to grow as a guild. You may have your own way of doing things and also have ideas for the guild that we find quite valuable. Taking in and accepting your individuality helps us as a whole and you are not here “just because.”

*TINY Leaders Are Not Dictators*
Even though the guild has the names of Pew, Taimi, and Sam, just remember that they are NOT here to hold power over you. Everyone in TINY leadership is treated as equals and your voice will always be heard and treated with respect by the rest of the team. Why the separate ranks then? Ranks are there to show structure in leadership and who puts forth the most effort to keep our entire operation running.

Taking Action as a Leader

Taking action as a leader means not only being active, but proactive as well. Every member in Leadership is held to a standard of showing that they want to be there and want to make a difference.

It is always important to us that any member of TINY Leadership take part in our weekly meetings. Officers, we typically only ask to join one meeting per month at the bare minimum to help keep you up to speed. Generals and Founders should be at all, if not most meetings to ensure we keep the guild operating healthy week after week.

Speaking Up:
During meetings, even if you have to type, we ask that you be on Discord in the #Officer Voice channel to listen to the rest of the team, and even if you have nothing to bring to the table during a specific week, be ready to answer questions if there are any directed toward you. It maybe something simple, like what your opinion on a specific topic is, or it may be more in-depth related to a situation between guild members that you took part in resolving. The important thing here is that we clearly communicate with one another.

Presence In-Game:
If you play the game by yourself or with other guilds, that is perfectly fine. The only thing we ask when becoming a part of Leadership is that you make yourself known to the rest of the guild (if you haven’t done that already). Hanging out in Divinity’s Reach, chit-chatting with other TINY members, showing guild friendliness to non-guildies; These are all great ways to show your presence in game from time to time, and helps members to learn to trust you as person.

We will touch more on this further down, but active recruiting when you see a random Asura just standing around is always a great way to stay active in the guild. You won’t just be sending them to the website to sign up. You have the power to bring them into whichever guild they choose.

Recruiting Members

Bringing new recruits into the guild has definitely evolved over time and even though we have future plans to make it easier, it is up to TINY Leadership to follow the same protocol when bringing them in.

The Approach:
Everybody’s approach to a new member may be different. Some like to roleplay a little bit, and others like to just be straight forward with a simple “Hey, do you want to be a part of TINY?” No matter the cause, finding a good approach for non-members that shows we are fun and friendly is very important as it defines who we are as people and as a guild.

The Website:
We have long since changed our recruiting tactics as far as actual invites go. We are NO LONGER directly inviting when someone asks to join in game. If someone wants to join or if you want them to join, everybody must send them through the website.

The current website is TinyArmy.org, with the “Join TINY” link that takes them to the form at the bottom of the page which they must fill out and verify that they accept our guild rules before submitting. In the near future, once active, please send all new recruits to BecomeTiny.com. This new site is interactive and dedicated to going over the guild rules before they even reach the form on the guild site.

Check The Ban List:
We have had some bad eggs come through the guild who we keep out 100% of the time. Before recruiting someone you are unsure of, quickly cross-reference their name on the ban list found HERE on the admin panel. If their account name is on there, simply skip past them and move onto the next. If a member asks why they haven’t been invited, without going into too much detail, explain to them that they have previously been removed from the guild.

Check Discord Recruits:
All new recruits go through the same process, and every time they submit a request to join, we will receive a bot notice in the Discord channel #member-invites. If you are the first person to spot this, be sure to take their provided information (account or character name/Guild choice), send them an invite in game, and a welcome email (more info below). Once you have taken care of the invite, in Discord be sure to add a green check mark reaction as well as your commander tag so others know it has been taken care of.

In the event that the new recruit provides bad information that is not useful to us in any way and we cannot invite, Give them a red “X” reaction and a brief description of the issue. If there is any question about their account or request, send them a message in game to figure it out, and leave an “envelope” reaction as well as description of the issue. The more details we record, the better.

Welcome Emails:
Every new member is to get the same in-game mail sent by the person recruiting them. Here is a basic format to follow when sending the email.

TO: Character or Account Name
SUBJECT: Welcome to TINY!
BODY: copy and paste message (with Ctrl+A) from HERE

Handling Situations as TINY Leadership

When we are not recruiting, running events, or coming up with ways to better the guild, TINY Leadership is always on the lookout for trouble. Even though we have many specialists to watch in-game and Discord activity for us, we as Leaders are responsible for what happens in any situation. We NEVER tackle these situations alone unless they are extremely bad and they give us no choice but to rush a final decision (very rare occurrences).

Document and Record:
When a problem first comes up, the most important thing you can do is get receipts of the situation by taking screenshots or getting video recordings of what is happening. Video recordings only if it’s a physical trolling behavior seen in-game that photos can’t help much with. If you can, be sure to keep images thorough and on-topic, meaning if there is a lot of fluff, try to crop it out for us to make for easier reading without losing the context in the dialog box.

Situation Room:
In the Officer section of Discord, your screenshots and any relevant information (names/accounts/summary) should be posted in the #situation-room for everyone in Leadership to review and discuss. It does not take everybody to be there to reach a conclusion if we feel we have reached the correct one in a timely manner. Though we try to be timely with it, we will NEVER rush an incident just to get it out of the way.

Isolate The Incident:
If you are first on the scene, quickly write to the parties involved in the incident that they need to drop the subject and temporarily block each other so we can figure it out and handle it. If you can and have some time, be sure to whisper each person involved to get a little more context on the situation if you were not able to get screenshots of how it started. This will help us determine where it started and how it turned into a situation.

Damage Control:
As with any situation there are always people trying to join in and be a part of it. If you see this, simply whisper them or let them know in G-Chat if there are a lot of them, that the situation is under control and being handled by TINY Leadership in private. The last thing we need is for more members to get involved in something and making it grow out of control.

Closing The Case:
After some review and discussion time (sometimes including a small meeting), Leadership will come to a conclusion on what to do, whether it be a simple slap on the wrist, direct warning letter, or even removal from the guild. Members only will receive one formal warning letter before removal. All parties involved in the incident will be contacted and informed (without too much detail) about how we feel about it and what actions are being taken. Furthermore, the first Leader on the scene or another with just as much information will use our formatting provided in the #closed-cases channel to close the case for good.

Emergency Cases:
Once every blue moon, TINY will be plagued with a member who does something so severe that we have no choice but to give them the paddle right on the spot. These individuals will usually not follow a Leaders instruction to stop, or even fight back in such a bad way that there is simply no reasoning with them. In times like these, we give power to any level of Leadership to take whatever action necessary. If you find yourself in this scenario, simply follow the above steps and attempt to gain control before they cause serious damage. Just remember to document and record as much as you can so that we have record of it.