TINY Beetle Races

Do you enjoy racing your beetle, but feel you have room to improve? Are you looking for fun, beetle specific events to take part in? If either of those questions describe you, then you are in the right place! The TINY Army is happy to present our official Beetle Races page. From here you will be able to find guild hall beetle race tracks, watch advanced beetle course training videos, and even download a detailed path pack for GW2 TacO. We look forward to adding more in the future and we hope you can take a lot from this page!


One thing we are proud of here in the TINY Army are the quality of our roller beetle race tracks in each of the guild halls. Here is a list of some of those tracks, and some previous tracks that have been removed to make room for upgrades. If you would like to ride on one of these tracks, please contact a member of one of the guilds or join up at https://tinyarmy.org/#join

The TINY Mountain Railroad

If you’re looking for an adventure through Northern California (or something that looks like it for that matter), The TINY Mountain Railroad is one of our longer tracks, more scenic tracks, guiding you from a snowy mountain peak, all the way through a forest-rich guild hall. This track requires some semi-advanced drift skills right off the bat, but once you master that, you will find yourself riding it again and again.

Location: Lost Precipice (Pewpew’s TINY Army)
Skill Level: Medium (180 degree wide drifts)

TINY 500

The TINY 500 is exactly what it sounds like. Go fast and turn left! This track is very basic and a great place to learn how to tighten your drifts without any sacrifice.

Location: Gilded Hollow (Taimi’s TINY Army)
Skill Level: Beginner

Sand Francisco

Kind of hidden away high above the Gilded Hollow, but through the same portal as the TINY 500 track, you will find a series of dunes and cliffs, which we have come to call “Sand Francisco.” This track is not difficult, but does require some quick thinking in order to tackle it faster each time. This track is also forever changing, so just when you think you know it, be prepared for a new obstacle.

Location: Gilded Hollow (Taimi’s TINY Army)
Skill Level: Medium

Din’s Drifty Dunes

Designed by our very own Din, but yet perfected by our more advanced track designers, the Drifty Dunes is located high in the sky above the sands of the the Windswept Haven. This track has some pretty tight drifts and sudden leaps of faith that require some practice, but are not super difficult. If make a mistake, be prepared to take a looooooooong fall.

Location: Windswept Haven (Samayou’s TINY Army)
Skill Level: Medium-Advanced


CLICK HERE to go to YouTube Training Series!

If you are having a hard time getting a gold medal in any of the above beetle tracks, or just want to improve your overall times, This video series, “How to Beetle” might just be what you need. The series is still a work in progress, but covers important tips and tricks for getting amazing times and even setting records! Pewpew is known for his fast and consistent times throughout the TINY community and is now offering you the chance to be just as good for FREE! While you are waiting for the next videos in the series to be released, feel free to check out Pewpew’s Power Paths for GW2 TacO, listed down below.


For GW2 TacO

Pewpew’s Power Paths

Pewpew’s Power Paths are just like any other marker pack for TacO. To install, simply download the file from Dropbox, and place it in the “POIs” folder, located in your TacO install directory. That’s all there is to it! Every beetle race location should have a new trail and set of markers applied to it. Below is a list of elements that are used throughout this marker pack to help you better understand what appears on screen while you race. Now includes Grothmar Grand Tour and some Seasonal Races!

Size: 531 KB
Version: v1.7

Download GW2 TACO: http://www.gw2taco.com/


This is Pew’s trail you will ride your beetle on normally. Try to stay on this  trail as best you can for optimal times.

These short segments of track indicate a drift route. Staying on it is tough, but practice makes perfect.

Whenever you see this marker, use your boost ability slightly before or right at it’s location.

Always initiate your drift right when you see this sign, and follow the yellow path.

While maintaining forward momentum and guiding your camera with your mouse, Hold down your A (turn left) key to make an extra sharp turn.

While maintaining forward momentum and guiding your camera with your mouse, Hold down your D (turn right) key to make an extra sharp turn.

Pewpew was kind enough to even include his most optimal spots to use the Bond of Vigor ability, so use it wisely!

There are certain spots that just don’t give you quite enough air, so use your jump key to do a little bunny hop to get more air when you see this sign. This is usually followed by a BIG AIR in most cases.

At certain jumps, you will have enough hangtime to use your BIG AIR ability. Sometimes you have to be quick, and other times you can hold it longer to get back more boost power.

You are going too fast, so at some points you may need to slow down a little bit.